• Six backyard landscaping ideas


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    When it comes to backyard landscaping, one must have in mind what they want from the design. Having a plan before implementing it will make it easier for the landscaper to come up with a plan that will suit our needs. Backyard landscaping ideas are varied but choosing the right one for your backyard will depend on several factors such as the size of your yard, use, budget among others.

    Royal Decks Landscaping has a lot of experience in transforming a backyard from ordinary to outstanding. We can help bring your backyard landscaping ideas to life.

    With the above factors in mind, below are some of the backyard landscaping for your consideration.

    1. Aim to Create a cozy backyard

    The purpose of a garden is to provide an intimate environment for you and your guests hence it is critical to ensure that it feels cozy. You can do this with the help of your choice of plants. When planted in groups, plants will grow better because they can share nutrients; If a backyard doesn’t feel warm and cozy, then it loses its essence.

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    1. Brown sections is a No in landscaping

    A green lawn is appealing; therefore, you must ensure that yours has no brown patches on it. To do this, all you need to do is to avoid mowing more than an inch of the grass; instead, you should use a not so sharp blade to prevent extensive damage to them. A backyard should have a uniform green color irrespective of the season.

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    1. Do not entertain trampled paths

    A walking path on the grass is a familiar sight in many backyards. As people enjoy the beautiful yard, they will need to walk around, but the result is creating an ugly path on the grass. Once you notice a path forming, to save your backyard you need to install a pavement for your guests, slate or concrete will work perfectly well.

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    1. Plant edible ground cover

    Planting edible plants for groundcover is advantageous to your landscape because such plants require less maintenance and can withstand high traffic unlike delicate garden plants such as regular grass. You can choose the low growing plants such as berries or even those that can grow higher to provide you with privacy. These edibles will also bring an additional source of nutrients to your table as well as beautifying the landscape.

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    1. Try the art of “hardscaping.”

    If your idea is to have a backyard with fewer maintenance requirements, then you may need to consider hardscaping as a solution. Hardscaping uses materials such as gravel, slate tiles and other forms of hard ground cover. This strategy is ideal in areas affected by drought to maintain uniformity of the landscape.

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    6. Your backyard should have a destination point

    A destination point in a landscape is that one area that will pull people towards it. It could be a beautifully crafted seating area or just an area that is separated from the backyard with a winding path leading to it. Such areas will make your backyard more enticing to your guests as well as your family.

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    If you adhere to the above pointers, you will come up with an appealing backyard

  • 5 Things to Consider Before Signing Contract with a Wastewater Treatment Company


    If you are worried about the polluted water that your company releases, you will be relieved to know that technology has advanced so much that there is always a solution for most pollutants. With a right wastewater treatment system, water can be saved, and that means a lot considering water shortages could affect more than 5 billion people by 2050. The question is: How to find the right wastewater treatment company to do the job for you?

    While many industrial water treatment companies claim that they have aced the technology and can resolve water issues, the quality and the full range of water treatment services offered can vary greatly than you thought. It makes choosing the best wastewater treatment company feel like an arduous task at first, right? Here are 5 things business owners can do to make the process easier.

    1. Gather the data to identify your needs


    This helps you to determine which packages, services and prices best fit the business’s needs. The list should at least includes:

    – What are the water quality issues?

    – Which types of water quality testing will you need?

    – Any physical water treatment equipment, biological water treatment methods or chemical water treatment methods that you prefer?

    – Desired final water quality and demand results. Do you expect a valuable return on investment (ROI)? What are the potential uses of the treated water?

    – Will the company offer custom engineered treatment systems?

    – Is there a consultant to help you assess your situation?

    2. Check the candidates’ expertise and technology

    You will be surprised to know that you can shortlist a few of potential profiles just by doing research to get some basic information. All you need is the Internet.

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    After that, it’s time to dig deeper. Is the wastewater treater a Certified Water Technologist (CWT)? If not, do they have significant education in the field? Does the water treater have knowledge of your specific system or problem? An extensive knowledge of wastewater treatment, and wastewater treatment systems, will allow the company to fully assess the issues and therefore consult you with appropriate solutions.

    Another thing to consider is their technology. Don’t expect your future wastewater treatment system to be cost-effective if the supplier lacks innovative equipment and hesitate to use high-quality chemicals.

    3. Know exactly how much you will need to pay


    Although the wastewater treatment system can be that expensive to maintain and care for, this will only make you lose less money in the long run.

    However, you should be more emphasized on the importance of getting the balance between a reasonable price and quality of service. So check the Capex and Opex costs carefully.

    4. Ask for references and read case studies


    References and case studies are one of the easiest and most reliable ways to verify a company’s reputation and check out the experiences of previous clients. Industrial wastewater treatment companies with a long track record of operating in the marketplace are the best places to consider all of the available options and customize the most effective solution.

    5. Interview the potential vendors

    Do you feel the same about the contractor?

    Do you feel the same about the contractor?

    Before having your wastewater treatment process installed, spend some time to meet the representative of one or two of the potential vendors, face-to-face. Superstitious as it may sound, but sometimes your intuition can tell a lot about whether your business should establish a healthy working relationship or not.

    Every year, pollution – from filthy air to contaminated water – is killing more people than all forms of violence (including war), disasters, and hunger. Maintaining the quality of water and sustaining an eco-friendly environment are essential, not only because it’s your business’s duty, but also because the world needs you to do so. Find out your business’s capabilities with JNE Environmental right now!