• 7 Things Every Parent Needs to Know Before Painting Their Baby’s Room

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    You have been blessed enough to bring a new baby into this world. And you are so eager to get into your nesting mode when you get home. Prepare everything; every detail must be perfect. The baby’s room should especially be buzzing with life and just look stunning. You want to have a fresh coat of paint on all the walls of the room and just make it spectacular. But before you begin your DIY interior painting Toronto project, there are a couple of questions you need to address to ensure that the paint job does not harm your baby. Here are some of them.

    1. The Type Of Paint You Will Be Using


    There are currently hundreds of paint options available that you can choose from. But not all of them are safe especially when used for the rooms of your newly born child. So, if you are looking for the safest paint option for your child’s room, choose from the ones that are free of VOCs or any other harmful substances that may affect your baby’s health. Experienced painters recommend you go for the latex-free paints. Ones that are specially formulated for people who have respiratory issues.

    2. The Color and Tone Of The Paint


    Darker colors have been found to make a room look smaller and more cramped. Whereas lighter colors make a room feel more open and you get the feel of more space. So, be careful on the paint color that you choose. As different colors will also affect your child’s mood differently. Red, for example, is claimed that can make people feel more aggressive whereas yellow can make a person feel cheerier.

    3. The Quantity Of Paint Needed


    This question depends more on the quality of the paint that you use and the square footage of the room that you intend to paint. The amount of paint you need for a room can also vary depending on the paint color you use. For example, lullaby paints work better when you apply 1.5 times more of the paint coverage than with the other traditional paint.

    4. The Perfect Time To Start Interior Painting


    When painting a newborn’s room, timing is a critical factor. You will want to ensure that all the fumes that are in the room after the painting has dispersed before you can let your newborn into the room. Some types of traditional low VOC paint may even take months and sometimes even years before they are fully free of the fumes.

    5. Durability


    It is also vital to note that the paint finish that you use can affect its durability. You will need a washable and moisture-resistant paint like that of an eggshell finish. Eggshell paint is also recommended for areas with high traffic. Eggshell paint is less susceptible to marks from scrapping and rubbing.

    Matte paint works great to hide most of the wall imperfections from the surface due to its less sheen.