• 5 Essential Factors You Must Consider When Choosing Food Packaging Options

    Making a food product that your customers will fall in love with is essential, but almost as equally crucial is the food packaging. Food packaging plays a significant role in successful food industry operations. Think about the vital roles that food packaging fulfils such as shielding the food from contaminants, protecting the food from damage, attracting customers, and certification for consumers with dietary restrictions and allergies.

    While cost is a significant concern for most managers, you must pick a packaging option that’s well suited for transportation, storage, and delivery. Here are factors to keep in mind when choosing food packaging options to ensure food safety, branding, and visual appeal.

    1. Food Packaging Material

    Before you even make up your mind regarding things like branding and marketing, have a list of food packaging materials that suit your product. Evaluate all the materials and their barrier properties – that is, the material’s moisture and oxygen retention capacity. Also, consider the biological protection of the packaging material. Does the material you use help keep the food from going bad too soon? Define what your product needs and use that to choose a material with the properties you want.

    2. Health Canada Compliance

    If you’re Canada based, don’t overlook compliance with Health Canada. Your food products, packaging, and labelling must meet Health Canada standards and the rules regulating ingredient listing, nutrition information, and any claims made on the food package. Health Canada rules and guidelines explain the difference between nutrient content claims, function claims and health claim, so go through them before diving into choosing food packaging options.

    3. Food Packaging Design

    It’s a smart idea to research and understand your market before you can pick food packaging options for more than one reason. Pick a colour, shape and design for your food packaging that is appealing to your target market.

    4. Cost Of Food Packaging

    Note that the cost of food packaging options goes beyond just the price. So, while the cost is a significant consideration, make sure you don’t choose a cheap packaging option that compromises the quality of your products. Weigh the pros and cons of different packaging options to see which best suits your business.

    5. Long-term Sustainability

    Choose food packaging options that comply with legal guidelines, food industry regulations, and can improve sustainable production in the future. For long-term sustainability, use recycled or recyclable material for food packaging. This way, you’ll have a greener product, and you’ll create an eco-friendly image for your brand.

    There are many steps that makeup packaging for food products. Whichever option you pick, choose one that will help you maintain high standards through every stage of food production.