4 Furnace safety Tips for Winter

A reliable furnace is what many homeowners want to have during the winter season. The cold season can become unbearable to those who might lack extra heating options in their house like furnaces. A running furnace will help in keeping the house warm and hence a more comfortable stay. In order to guarantee safety in the house and to your family members, it’s vital that a few security tips are implemented. Precautionary measures are taken with regards to your house furnace. Below are 4 pointers that will help in keeping the safety of your home top notch while enjoying the comfort of having furnace during the winter holidays.

  1. Make sure the furnace filter is changed regularly


Even the furnace needs to be occasionally cleaned. When your furnace filter is dirty, it will cause the furnace to start overheating and possibly start a fire. It’s very crucial that the furnace filter is replaced after every one to three months of being used during the winter season (enough time for furnace repairs). This will make sure the furnace is in excellent condition and prevent possible dangerous house fires. 

  1. Always check whether the carbon monoxide detectors on your furnace are functioning


When the house furnace experience any fault or malfunction, then it can cause the carbon monoxide gas to start leaking into the house. The gas is very deadly and odorless. Hence, you entirely depend on the detectors to tell you the presence of the gas in your home. Each month make sure the carbon monoxide detectors are checked and that they are still functioning correctly.

  1. The area around your home furnaces should be cleaned and cleared

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In case you have some items being stored near the furnace, make sure the items are placed at least a few feet from where the furnace is situated.  This applies to things like rugs, papers, wood scraps, and clothing. These items tend to pose a primary fire hazard and can start a massive fire if placed too close to the furnace. Flammable liquids like paint, kerosene, and gasoline should be kept very far away from the furnaces and in sealed containers. Furthermore, these flammable liquids should be stored in the main house ever, since they can emit dangerous gases that are poisonous.

  1. Make it an annual routine to have a furnace expert/ professional from your local area to come and check your furnace


You cannot know whether your furnace is functioning correctly or not unless you have an expert carry out a tune-up test on it at least once per year (if you can manage you can have the expert visit three times in a year). A good time for furnace repairs. The expert (preferably from a reliable heating company) will carry out a detailed inspection, which should be done a few months before winter, just to be on the safe side. Any possible threats to the family safety will be fixed, and all the frayed wiring around the furnace will also be adjusted. The inspection will also determine if there are any actual carbon monoxide leaks, if there is a possibility of such leaks arising in future and if the furnace installation was done correctly. The primary objective is to make sure the furnace functions efficiently and safely. A warm and protected environment is what your home furnace should give you during the winter season.

With above safety tips for your furnace, you have enough knowledge to prevent your family from any possible danger that may come from a malfunctioning furnace.


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