5 Natural Eco-friendly Mold Removal Solutions


No one likes seeing mold in the home or office, but using harsh chemicals for mold removal can be just as hazardous to our health. When inhaling, some over the counter cleansers can make it difficult to breathe, and even cause physical damage if used often. It is much safer and environmentally positive to utilize eco-friendly mold removal cleaners to get rid of those unwanted growths or to hire professional mold removal Toronto services.

We have provided five clean, green, eco-friendly ways to get rid of unwanted mold:

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar has been used for cleaning and other home remedies throughout the ages. Changes are, our own grandmothers or great grandmothers passed down a few vinegar mixes for cleaning. It works best when used straight, sprayed directly onto the tainted area, and then left to set for a few hours. The scent is strong, but the results are phenomenal, as vinegar kills around 82% of mold spores.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil also has several different uses in the home, one of which being an eco friendly mold eliminator. Simply dilute around 2 teaspoons full into warm water and spray onto the mold. Do not rinse or wipe. The spores should disappear within a few days.

  1. Citrus Seed Extract and Water

Citrus seed extract doesn’t have the pungent odor of vinegar, but it does get positive results with mold removal. The extract can be diluted about 20 drops to around 2 cups of hot water. Spray directly on the mold, but do not rinse.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Spray hydrogen peroxide directly onto mold, let stand around 10 minutes or so, then scrub, or wipe the surface clean. Just like infection, spores should dissipate. For more stubborn spores, a combination of peroxide, vinegar and baking soday can be mixed, stored in a dark area, then used as needed.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is effective for cleaning many things, even mold. It can be mixed with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, but by itself, it is considered one of the milder, natural disinfectants. Baking soda is scent free, and not harmful to delicate surfaces.

These 5 natural ways to execute mold removal have long been proven successful; however preventative measures can be taken with mist humidifiers and cleaning.  There are some great eco-friendly mold cleaners on the market as well. There are plenty of options available to get rid of harmful mildew and mold. We simply have to choose the best solution for our home or office.

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