• Water Treatment Process for Various Applications

    For water to be allowed to be used for a certain end-use, it must pass through the water treatment process. End use can be used to refer to many processes such as water recreation, river flow maintenance as well as irrigation. It could also mean industrial water supply and even drinking. The process is carried out using water treatment systems with the aim of eliminating unrequired components as well as contaminants. Where it’s not possible to entirely eliminate them, the process aims at lowering their concentration level. Some of the products that can be eliminated by water purification systems include viruses, algae and suspended solids. The process can also eliminate fungi, minerals and bacteria. Minerals that are found in water and need to be eliminated include manganese and iron.

    Common treatments for drinking water
    Water that is meant for human consumption should be pure enough so as not to pose a health risk to the humans. All the components mentioned above should be removed if water is to be ruled fit for human consumption. Drinking water purification can be carried out in three broad categories. There is the biological process, the chemical process and the physical process. The biological process consists of slow sand filtration while the chemical process consists of coagulation and disinfection. In the case of the physical process, several methods can be used and they include filtration and settling. The problem with treating water for human consumption is that care must also be taken in the distribution and the conveyance processes. Failure in one of the following areas could lead to contamination of the water.

    There are guidelines that have been specified by the World Health Organization regarding water treatment for human consumption. Developed nations in Europe and United States have more rigorous standards that should be implemented for treating water for human consumption. You may find the information and resources available at Global Hydration to be very useful.

    Closer look into processes used in water treatment for human consumption
    While there are many processes that can be used in water treatment for human consumption, there are private companies that have patented technology to deal with each set of contaminant. For instance, the best way to deal with algae and other contaminants of that nature is through pre-chlorination. To deal with dissolved minerals such as iron and manganese, pre-chlorination in conjunction with aeration is the best way to handle the issue. Solids can be dealt with using sedimentation. Finally, particles in water can be dealt with using the filtration process.

    Processes that require ultra-pure water
    There are some industrial processes that cannot compromise on the quality of water they use and a good example is the production of silicon wafers. Other processes that require ultra-pure water include some metallurgical processes and space technology. For these cases, there are methods used to produce this water and they include ion exchange, reverse osmosis and distillation stages.

  • Leave The Electrical Issues To The Professionals

    Electrician Ottawa

    Electrician Ottawa

    There are several jobs around a home that can benefit from the experience of a licensed professional electrician Ottawa. Experts routinely handle new construction jobs, and their services are essential to update home wiring. Installing a new panel box is another way for homeowners to boost energy efficiency. Many older homes in the area were not built for today’s technology, and adding more power is a great way to create a home theater or multi-media room that has fiber optic cable and is fully compatible with today’s technology.

    Licensed Professionals

    Electricity is a deadly force, and it is essential to trust an experienced professional. The Ontario province has a comprehensive code in place that protects homeowners and reduces the chances of property damage from fire. Improperly installed wiring and circuit breakers are a hazard and can lead to electrical fires. Master electricians spend years in the field and need to pass comprehensive tests to demonstrate their knowledge of local and regional codes. Local law requires licensed master electricians to perform most new construction and remodeling jobs in the Barrie area.

    Insured Electricians

    Any type of home improvement has an inherent amount of risk. Property damage can occur during an improvement or new construction project, and it is essential to choose an electrical contractor that is fully insured. There are two types of insurance policies in effect in Ontario. Liability insurance is coverage that provides financial protection in the event of property damage. Most contractors have a binder handy and can provide proof of liability insurance on demand. Worker’s compensation is another type of coverage that is essential for an electrician. This type of policy protects workers in the event of an on-the-job injury. Because working with electricity can be deadly, it is essential to find a contractor that has coverage for all of their employees.

    Installing a New Panel Box

    Many older homes in Ontario were not built for today’s technology. Modern computers, televisions and home appliances are more efficient than ever, but they require a home wiring system that meets their demands. Installing a new home theater and multimedia room is one job that is perfect for a licensed electrician. During remodeling jobs, electricians often need to snake wires behind drywall. Experts have magnetic lines that make this job easy, and this tool allows professionals to run new electrical wiring, fiber optic cable and speaker wire. This is a great way to ensure a home is compatible with today’s technology. In addition, installing a new panel box adds more power to the home and can actually cut energy consumption.

    When you need an electrician contractors can help. Homeowners can rely on a local electrician that is fully licensed and insured. Most firms have a master electrician on staff, and experts can help homeowners with remodeling and home improvement jobs. Installing the latest fiber optic cable ensures maximum efficiency in a home office. Experts can also handle new building projects and ensure that homes are compatible with today’s electrical needs.