• Importance Of Industrial Air Valves

    Industrial Air Valve

    Industrial Air Valve
    The industrial air valve is essential for maintaining the optimal pressure for a variety of functions, including cutting-edge fabric ductwork. The hottest eco-friendly fabric air ducts offer flexibility, affordability and superior indoor air quality. The air release valve is essential to making these fabric air ducts work properly.

    Lightweight Flexible Fabric Air Ducts

    Traditionally, metal air ducts have been used for HVAC because they are solid, firm and stable. They can handle the heating, cooling and ventilation requirements of an industrial warehouse. There are a few negatives associated with metallic air ducts though.

    Metal air ducts are prone to condensation, corrosion and mold, mildew and bacterial growth. They also tend to be very expensive to install.

    When you turn on your HVAC, you might hear a noisy rattling of the metallic air ducts. These are not the most flexible or environmentally-conscious building materials either. Usually, they waste a lot of energy heating or cooling an entire building, even when certain rooms are not being used.

    Adjustable Fabric Ductwork

    Eco-friendly “green” manufacturers are giving building owners more control over their HVAC with industry-leading “fabric ductwork.” Perhaps, only one section of your warehouse is being used for assembly – then control that atmosphere directly with “fabric ductwork.” Turn off the HVAC systems in the other rooms or spaces.

    Zones of fabric ductwork are created, kind of like the modern beds (where each side can be configured to a different firmness). The modern variable frequency drives (VFD) control air flow to prevent energy loss.

    VFD could be used for seasonal or assembly line changes. Certain processes might require more frequent removal of harmful contaminants from the air, sending some to air cleaners for recycling and some to smoke stacks as exhaust. The fabric VFD allows warehouse owners to establish this versatility. Fabric HVAC ducts have the following advantages:
    Affordable Installation
    Condensation Proof
    Indoor Air Quality
    Noiseless Ventilation

    Unlike metal air ducts, fabric air ducts can be installed very quickly. Lightweight, affordable, energy-efficient fabric air ducts save your factory money both in the short-term and long-term. You don’t need to shout when quiet fabric air ducts are in operation.

    Maintain Pressure to Avoid Fabric Wrinkling

    One issue that requires a precise air release valve is “fabric wrinkling”. Experts have noted that these cutting-edge fabric ducts need to be filled to 30% capacity to prevent wrinkles. A high-quality air valve can maintain this optimum pressure.

    Factory workers can enjoy a more pleasant, more quiet work environment by using cutting-edge flexible fabric ductwork. A high-quality air release valve ensures that the fabric ducts won’t crimp, wrinkle or sag. Save money on energy costs while creating a more flexible air cleaning system with fabric ducts.

  • Usage and Maintenance of Industrial Bag Filters

    Industrial bag filters

    Bag filters are attached to industrial equipment. Their primary function is to separate solid particles from water that runs through a machine. However, it depends on the purpose of the equipment to which a filter is attached.

    Substances Removed with Industrial Filters

    Filters installed in manufacturing equipment traps dirt, paper fibers, metal shavings, glass and other substances. Silt and sand are some other materials that are caught by industrial filters. These particles are separated from the water that passes through industrial machines. Some filters are so small they even have the capability to remove microscopic pathogens from fabrication mixtures.

    The Main Purpose of Bag Filters

    Solid substances are separated from the water to prevent clogging within a machine. This allows water to flow properly through a machine as it should. As a result, production performance remains at its optimal level. When machines are working right, all retail and wholesale orders are filled as expected. When manufacturing equipment is operating properly, it also reduces maintenance costs. In addition, it prevents contamination when producing consumable items such as dairy products or canned foods. Filter bags can also prevents legal problems that could occur if products become contaminated.

    Industrial filters are also used in water treatment plants. They are one component of debris removal that plays a role in making water suitable for drinking, cooking, bathing and other household use. However, not all of them are for food production or water treatment. Others are made for iron and steel production or aluminum smelters. Certain types of filters also control emissions and prevent pollution within processing facilities. This helps minimize pollution and keeps air quality at an optimal level.

    Types of Filter Bags

    Machine filters are made of a variety of materials. Some of them are constructed of paper and might need replacing more often than types made of cotton, polyphenylene, fiberglass or other substances. They are typically designed to keep out harmful particles, yet they keep the inside of a machine clean in order to output pure products with minimal harm to the environment.

    Some Filter Bag Replacement Tips

    Any time a machine does not perform at its best, its industrial filter probably needs changing. The number of times a year depends on the type of machine and how tough the filter is. In some cases, it can be cleaned and reused, and in other cases it should just be replaced with another one.

    Some filters need changing as often as four to eight weeks. However, other types might only require replacement once every three to five years. Regardless of how long a filter is meant to last, industries typically inspect all machines at least once a month.

  • Leave The Electrical Issues To The Professionals

    Electrician Ottawa

    Electrician Ottawa

    There are several jobs around a home that can benefit from the experience of a licensed professional electrician Ottawa. Experts routinely handle new construction jobs, and their services are essential to update home wiring. Installing a new panel box is another way for homeowners to boost energy efficiency. Many older homes in the area were not built for today’s technology, and adding more power is a great way to create a home theater or multi-media room that has fiber optic cable and is fully compatible with today’s technology.

    Licensed Professionals

    Electricity is a deadly force, and it is essential to trust an experienced professional. The Ontario province has a comprehensive code in place that protects homeowners and reduces the chances of property damage from fire. Improperly installed wiring and circuit breakers are a hazard and can lead to electrical fires. Master electricians spend years in the field and need to pass comprehensive tests to demonstrate their knowledge of local and regional codes. Local law requires licensed master electricians to perform most new construction and remodeling jobs in the Barrie area.

    Insured Electricians

    Any type of home improvement has an inherent amount of risk. Property damage can occur during an improvement or new construction project, and it is essential to choose an electrical contractor that is fully insured. There are two types of insurance policies in effect in Ontario. Liability insurance is coverage that provides financial protection in the event of property damage. Most contractors have a binder handy and can provide proof of liability insurance on demand. Worker’s compensation is another type of coverage that is essential for an electrician. This type of policy protects workers in the event of an on-the-job injury. Because working with electricity can be deadly, it is essential to find a contractor that has coverage for all of their employees.

    Installing a New Panel Box

    Many older homes in Ontario were not built for today’s technology. Modern computers, televisions and home appliances are more efficient than ever, but they require a home wiring system that meets their demands. Installing a new home theater and multimedia room is one job that is perfect for a licensed electrician. During remodeling jobs, electricians often need to snake wires behind drywall. Experts have magnetic lines that make this job easy, and this tool allows professionals to run new electrical wiring, fiber optic cable and speaker wire. This is a great way to ensure a home is compatible with today’s technology. In addition, installing a new panel box adds more power to the home and can actually cut energy consumption.

    When you need an electrician contractors can help. Homeowners can rely on a local electrician that is fully licensed and insured. Most firms have a master electrician on staff, and experts can help homeowners with remodeling and home improvement jobs. Installing the latest fiber optic cable ensures maximum efficiency in a home office. Experts can also handle new building projects and ensure that homes are compatible with today’s electrical needs.

  • Are you preparing budget for Stucco Renovation?


    A stucco renovation is not cheap, and you need to prepare for it by saving up money and expecting more expenses than you may realize. While true, if you are wise, you won’t have to worry when it comes time to pay for the renovation. With this in mind, here are four reasons why you need to prepare for stucco renovation.

    Materials are not cheap: Without a doubt, if you want to fix up your place, you will realize that materials are not cheap. This is especially true for people in Ontario as you will need to go to a high-end store and shop for the right materials. Not only that, but if you have a large house, you will have to spend a lot more money than the average person. Simply put, if you want to renovate your house with stucco, you need to save money for the materials.

    Have to leave your house: Next, if you are doing a major project, you will want to move out of your house for a few weeks. Otherwise, if you stay in the house, you will experience a lot of uncomfortable moments. Think about it, when people come to your house at five in the morning to do work, they will wake you up and cause you other problems. Remember, when you need to fix your house, you will want to stay in a comfortable place with friends or at a hotel.

    Well-trained professional: Without a well-trained professional on your side, you are going to struggle with your project. Think about it, do you know the ins and outs of stucco? If not, you need to find someone who knows what they are doing. This is costly, but it’s worth it in the long run as a professional will do a better job.

    Dumpster: Finally, if you are a homeowner, you will need to rent a dumpster to get rid of your old items. This is costlier than you may realize as it’s not easy to find a free place to put trash. Remember, if you live in Ontario, you will need to rent a dumpster for your stucco job.

    While it’s not cheap to fix up your house with stucco, it will help you if you save money and get ready in advance.

  • 4 Ways To Make Your Office Greener

    modern green office

    We all want to do our part to create a more environmentally friendly world, both at home, and at the office. Believe it or not, even the office furniture we purchase can help us reach that goal. Simply by utilizing Greenguard certified furniture and products, we can assure our home or work environment meets the chemical emission standards.

    Furniture Can Have Chemical Emissions?

    Yes, anything manufactured which uses chemicals in the creative processes can emit those chemicals within our own home or office area. Think about it as if a couch was sitting in a room filled with radiation. It would absorb the radioactive molecules in the air. Thus, if we moved that radioactive couch into our home or office, we’d likely be affected by the radiation it contained. Chemical emissions on furniture are basically a similar concept, but on a much, much less threatening level. That is, unless one happens to have purchased used furniture from a unstable nuclear plant, which we’d hope would never happen.  The point is, it is important that we utilize green friendly products, such as Greenguard certified office furniture and supplies to lessen these unfriendly emissions and create a cleaner, greener atmosphere.

    What Exactly is Greenguard?

    Greenguard is a third party organization that works with manufacturers, architects, designers, builders, and consumers, evaluating home and office furniture, office supplies, building materials, architectural designs, and more. They provide an unbiased, third party opinion which ensures the products and projects meet standards that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and will be a contribution toward healthy interiors. When a product, such as office furniture, holds the Greenguard certified label, we can be sure any claims of sustainability and eco friendliness are accurate.

    Four Ways to Implement Environmentally Friendly Standards

    First off, rid the office of toxic poisons and chemicals, rather they are for cleaning, or insect repelling. There are an abundance of green cleaning and insect poisons available. We can even make our own using vinegar, lemon, citrus and other natural supplies easily purchased at the market.

    Secondly, invest in paper products made with wheat instead of trees. This helps save some trees, and the paper itself lacks the dust and emissions of chemically created products.

    Thirdly, invest in eco friendly office supplies. Yes, they do exist, and are much safer than the old versions used over the past century.

    Lastly, eliminate the old furniture and invest in Greenguard certified, eco friendly furniture. It might seem a little more expensive at the initial purchase, but it pays for itself over time. This furniture comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty, looks amazing, and is available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

    Going Green

    We can do our part to make our world a more environmentally friendly planet just by revamping our home or work office. There is no limit to what we can do with all the green products that are now available. All it takes is a little effort on our part, and we can not only save a tree, but help lessen toxic emissions. We cannot undo what has been done, but we can help repair the damage by investing in eco friendly products and materials.

  • 5 Natural Eco-friendly Mold Removal Solutions


    No one likes seeing mold in the home or office, but using harsh chemicals for mold removal can be just as hazardous to our health. When inhaling, some over the counter cleansers can make it difficult to breathe, and even cause physical damage if used often. It is much safer and environmentally positive to utilize eco-friendly mold removal cleaners to get rid of those unwanted growths or to hire professional mold removal Toronto services.

    We have provided five clean, green, eco-friendly ways to get rid of unwanted mold:

    1. Vinegar

    Vinegar has been used for cleaning and other home remedies throughout the ages. Changes are, our own grandmothers or great grandmothers passed down a few vinegar mixes for cleaning. It works best when used straight, sprayed directly onto the tainted area, and then left to set for a few hours. The scent is strong, but the results are phenomenal, as vinegar kills around 82% of mold spores.

    1. Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil also has several different uses in the home, one of which being an eco friendly mold eliminator. Simply dilute around 2 teaspoons full into warm water and spray onto the mold. Do not rinse or wipe. The spores should disappear within a few days.

    1. Citrus Seed Extract and Water

    Citrus seed extract doesn’t have the pungent odor of vinegar, but it does get positive results with mold removal. The extract can be diluted about 20 drops to around 2 cups of hot water. Spray directly on the mold, but do not rinse.

    1. Hydrogen Peroxide

    Spray hydrogen peroxide directly onto mold, let stand around 10 minutes or so, then scrub, or wipe the surface clean. Just like infection, spores should dissipate. For more stubborn spores, a combination of peroxide, vinegar and baking soday can be mixed, stored in a dark area, then used as needed.

    1. Baking Soda

    Baking soda is effective for cleaning many things, even mold. It can be mixed with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, but by itself, it is considered one of the milder, natural disinfectants. Baking soda is scent free, and not harmful to delicate surfaces.

    These 5 natural ways to execute mold removal have long been proven successful; however preventative measures can be taken with mist humidifiers and cleaning.  There are some great eco-friendly mold cleaners on the market as well. There are plenty of options available to get rid of harmful mildew and mold. We simply have to choose the best solution for our home or office.

  • How Setting Up a Greenhouse with Screw Plug Heaters Can Help It Function Better


    Having your own greenhouse might be a hobby of your own, or you might even run a business that relies on the greenhouse to provide you with plants, vegetables and flowers. If you are looking to have a more efficient greenhouse, it is vital that you make use of all of the right devices that can help to make this a reality. Whether it be screw plug heaters or simple circulation fans, your brand new greenhouse is going to function beautifully when you put the emphasis into how it is running on a daily basis.

    Having a greenhouse is a lot of work because you are trying to generate the heat and power of the sun when it might not necessarily be as warm as you would like outside. Even in the wintertime, you can easily keep a beautiful greenhouse to produce some of the best fruits and vegetables around. The way that you’re going to be able to accomplish this is by using the right types of screw plug heaters. These types of heaters are great because they help you to run a more efficient greenhouse without consuming too much energy. Because of this, you will also find that you are able to distribute the heat a little more easily.

    There are many different ways for you to build a greenhouse, but you need to make sure that you take the time and effort into planning it correctly. Without the proper planning, your greenhouse is not going to be sufficient enough to keep plants alive, especially during the winter months when the weather outside is frigid cold. You will find that having a beautiful greenhouse that functions well requires a lot of different devices and appliances. You might want to put in a variety of circulation fans to prevent stagnant air. You can buy most of these things on your own and have them installed quite easily yourself or by a professional.

    Your new greenhouse is going to be a wonderful aspect to your home or business when you put the time and effort into it that it requires. Whether it be using the right types of screw plug heaters or having the best circulation fans, a greenhouse is going to function better when these items are included into it. You will find that this helps tremendously in terms of getting what you want from the greenhouse, whether it is for personal or business use. There are also many different replacement parts available if you already have a greenhouse built and just need to replace something inside of it. By keeping up with the maintenance of your greenhouse, it is going to function better for you for many, many years to come.

  • Green Flanged Immersion Heaters For Your Home


    You might have learned about mess plug immersion heating units sooner or later. You may find out a little about the subject, and even possess a kind of general idea about what they are employed for. Piece of content provide a deeper check out the subject and will assist to reveal a few of the ins and outs of the screw connect heating units. Screw plug immersion heaters directly heat several liquids as well as gas with an immersion heating method. This includes all kinds of oils and also the liquids involved in a number of procedures. These units are used for process water heating system and for freeze safety.

    For all those curious as to exactly what a flanged immersion water heater is actually, this should clean up the questions you have. Flanged Immersion Heaters really are a special engineering used to mainly heat chemical, gas, petroleum and water-based applications. Because of their designs versatility, flanged immersion heaters are excellent to make use of within pressure vessels, fish tanks and with the popular circulation as well as outflow design heating elements.

    The patented model of Flanged Immersion Heating elements utilizes tubular features, which are then twisted into a hairpin of types. This particular “hairpin” will be attached to the metallic flange, which could range in size through 2 inches up to 42 inches. The actual tubular elements could be attached to the flange with 3 different techniques, welding, brazing or mechanical fitted. All fully trust the actual terminal enclosure, containing electric interactions and thermostat controls. The design comes with the choices of thermostatically regulated, digitally controlled, Thermocouple or even RTD manage styles.

    The actual fatal housing for flanged engagement heating units could be coated moderate metal, luminium, polycarbonate or just stainless. Elements tend to be formed through alloys that avoid deterioration, such as stainless, copper, titanium, and often exotic metals such as Inconel or Hastalloy incoloy. Additional optionally available materials can be utilized because of a customer’s needs.

    What makes Flanged Immersion Heaters advantageous? This is a absolutely no muss, absolutely no fuss item for purchasers. There are a wide selection of flanges with voltage as well as kw comparisons easily obtainable. The appropriate size flange is actually attached to the device after which welded in to the consumer’s reservoir or even heater. It’s than submerged. Submerging the entire variable in to the fluid or even gas will ensure actually heat move, leading to really good heating as well as effective operation as well as bills.

    Anyone thinking about the actual efficiency of putting in the flange immersion heating unit is going to be happy to appreciate they are able to have a quote within an hour. Not to mention, the costs are guaranteed to function as the cheapest in the industry with regard to quality items. Even when a customer requirements specific equipment, we have the capability to create one of a kind, custom flange engagement heating units in only eventually. Clients won’t have to wait weeks for their purchase, neither will they look for a better price.

    The flange immersion heaters are made while using top quality technologies available for sale today. This product provides a more powerful, much more energy and price efficient answer for purchasers, in addition, all our heating as well as flanged goods are happily made in America. The flanged heaters as well as electrical heating system products are superior quality offering the greatest in both overall performance and value located on the marketplace these days. With over one thousand corporate clients, such as Johnson Controls, Husky Power and Their astronauts, , flange engagement heaters are really catching on. The actual Screw Connect Heating units and flanged immersion heater is easily the most practical answer for that electrical heating issues of these days and in the near future.

  • Choosing Eco-Friendly Roofing For Your Home

    Roof Repair

    Because roofs are made from numerous materials, various things must be considered so that the proper option is purchased. Consider how long the roof will last because certain weather conditions could damage certain materials. The weight of the material should never outweigh the current roofing frame. Ensure that the roof has a slope to prevent water damage. Ask a professional at www.cherryandclarkroofing.ca to learn more about the best roofing material for your home.

    Consider an eco-friendly material that complements your home.
    There are some roofing options that are better for certain houses. When shopping, consider the strength of your frame and the roof’s slope because these factors can lower your choices.

    Asphalt Composition Shingles
    In Canada, asphalt shingles are very popular because they cover 80 percent of the roofing market.
    The material is made from paper fiber glass or paper fiber mat, so asphalt composition shingles are ideal for windy and cold climates.
    Asphalt shingles are made from petroleum, so the material can be recycled. However, the shingles often end up in landfills.
    Also, asphalt shingles are not durable, but manufacturers make algae resistant shingles for humid climates in Canada to stop staining.

    Metal roofing costs more because it lasts longer than asphalt roofing material.
    Metal roofing is made from aluminum, zinc alloy, copper, or steel. Roofs made of steel are commonly painted, or they have a zinc coating. Cooper roofs, however, are installed without a painted finish.
    Metal roofs have sold in shingles or sheets in Canada. The material can be installed with fasteners that are exposed or hidden.
    Metal is an eco-friendly material because it can be recycled. In addition, it does not absorb a lot of heat.

    Plastic Polymer
    A plastic polymer roof is made from synthetic material. The material is very durable and requires little maintenance.
    Some plastic polymer roofs are made from recycled materials, which are very light.

    Although clay roofing material is heavy and brittle, it lasts for a very long time. The clay is made from materials that do not need a lot of energy to manufacture.

    Concrete Tile
    Concrete tiles are cheaper than clay tiles. Concrete tiles are eco-friendly because they are manufactured from natural materials. However, the tiles are very heavy, so reinforced roof framing will be needed for support.

    Slate is an old roofing material that is brittle and expensive. Though, it is quite durable and fire and wind resistant. It is also manufactured from natural materials.

    Wood Shingles And Shakes
    Manufacturers use rot resistant wood when they design wood shingles and shakes. Although the material helps the environment, periodic maintenance is required.

  • Recycling and Waste Technology

    Having tons of garbage, rubbish as well as debris laying around your business place is not good for business. Compaction equipment gets rid of it inside a great as well as smart manner. Trying to recycle equipment might actually be the answer you had been looking for in regards to your own strong waste management requirements.

    First things first, when it comes to buying trying to recycle equipment for your company there are a few stuff you should consider: volume associated with garbage, reputable gear dealer, price.

    Analyzing your current waste and rubbish requirements : Enables you to properly evaluate just how much solid squander you’re coping with in your company. Understanding how a lot you’re needing to get assist with will help you to decide what kind and just how most of the recycling equipment pieces you’ll ultimately be required to buy.

    Deciding your own trying to recycle gear requirements: After you have assessed your own proverbial rubbish load, you can get together to selecting the best gear for the present as well as future needs. you want to pick the gear that will assist you to reuse more of your own strong waste, rendering certain you are helping the environment as well as your spending budget simultaneously.

    Contacting an established recycling and Waste compaction equipment seller: Ask around and do some research of your local trying to recycle equipment sellers. Try to find any that come recommended by a number of nearby or even region businesses. Once you find on you like, give them a call and let them know what your needs are. More than likely they’ll wish to schedule a work-site inspection so they on their own may figure out what equipment may be the best to you.

    Transporting as well as getting rid of much more trash than ever before: Along with new trying to recycle equipment, your business can haul aside more solid squander at one time than in the past. By making the actual waste smaller sized and much more small, you can fit more inside your dumpsters than ever before.
    Saving cash from your recycling efforts: When you can send more strong trash at one time than you could prior to, you’re saving cash by making fewer draining trips yet escaping . the same amount of trash as before.

  • Green Doors And Windows Can Save You Some Green

    To qualify as environmentally friendly, building components like windows and doors need to fulfill a couple of requirements. First, they need to have as little impact on the environment as possible in both their manufacture and life cycle. This can include things like being made of recyclable or renewable materials and not generating much in the way of pollutants during their existence or when they’re being retired. Second, they need to contribute to reducing energy consumption when in use. As you might suspect, these qualifications also make them great cost cutters as well.
    Materials Matter
    Fortunately, the common door materials of wood, steel, and fiberglass are pretty kind to the environment. Wood stands out as the most eco-friendly available but only from the right sources. Timber from dedicated tree plantations offers an alternative to wood from old-growth forests. Manufactured wood products like medium density fiber board allow normally unsuitable rapid-growth tree species to be used. Along with being strong and durable, steel is easily recycled and in fact, most of the steel produced in the world comes from scrap. While not nearly as recyclable as steel, fiberglass takes a bit less energy for initial production. It also lasts a lifetime without denting or warping like wood and steel. Regardless of the exterior material used in doors, an insulated core, especially polyurethane, is a must because even solid wood does little to block heat and cold from outside.

    Glass And Gas
    While it’s simple to add an insulating core to an exterior door, windows need special technologies to make them energy-efficient. One method to reduce heat loss is by adding a low-emissions or low-e coating to them. These invisible metallic films prevent warmth from escaping by reflecting back indoors. At the same time, they reflect UV light and summer heat away from the interior. Using multiple layers of glass with dead air space in between helps provide a measure of insulation. More recently, the spaces are being filled with argon or krypton gas by some manufacturers to boost the insulation value to R-9 in some cases.

    Breaking It Down
    All windows and doors eventually wear out and need replacing. This can place an additional burden on the environment and it’s not easy to say which materials are friendlier here. Steel can be indefinitely remelted but requires considerable energy each time. Wood can be reused while consuming less energy by being ground down and added to manufactured materials, but only once or twice. Then again, it can reduce energy consumption by being burned as a bio-fuel.

    Future Retrofits
    While harmless gases like argon conduct less heat than air does, they can still leak out over time. At the same time, a vacuum space transfers even less heat than the best insulating gas. A possible future green technology being researched involves creating clear films that contain microscopic vacuum pockets throughout them that, in tests, produce up to an R-20 value. Best of all, as films, they can be applied to existing glass panes.

  • When Considering A Commercial Painter, Consider The Environment

    There are many benefits of using an eco-friendly commercial painter. By simply reducing your footprint on the environment, you will be getting a service while helping out the environment at the very same time.Most people that have tried the eco-friendly painting options love it and are rather proud of themselves. The only real disadvantage to painting with the environment in mind, is that it can cost more than using regular painting methods and supplies.However, if you are very concerned about your environment, the higher cost will not be as big of a negative thing to you as the lowered environmental impact that is a definite positive.

    When you consider a eco-friendly commercial painter, you are considering making the future a better place and you can never go wrong with that. The current demand for eco friendly commercial painting supplies has grown almost exponentially. Where as a few years ago, you would have only a handful if that of options you now have a blooming plethora of options.

    Formaldehyde and benzene, are generally used in your regular paints since the beginning of time. They are the reasons why you have to keep your windows open and vent your place before, during and after painting. Those noxious odor causing ingredients have been linked to severe respiratory problems and even cancer, and others have the ability to damage the ozone layer.Formaldehyde and benzene fall into a category of pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—they are potentially carcinogenic carbon-based chemicals that evaporate easily and contribute to your indoor air pollution.

    A few of your greener alternatives you may want to consider are called natural paints. A natural paint does not contain heavy metal or any VOCs. Natural paints are often made up of only all natural plant dyes. There are a number of eco-conscious companies that manufacture these paints in a huge variety of colors.

    Clay paint is one alternative you may want to consider. Clay paint is one of the most common natural paints and it is composed of earth-based minerals. Colors of clay paint can range from natural earth tones to an assortment of blue, white, and orange tints. The color options are essentially endless.

    A reasonably inexpensive green alternative to traditional paint is lime wash. Limestone,which is a calcium-based mineral, is combined with some water to form a simple and yet natural paint that is the basis of all whitewashes. Lime wash can be used indoors or outdoors and forms a unique finish that comes in a wonderful variety of colors.

    Milk Paint is yet another option. Casein, which is a protein found in milk products, is separated from the milk and mixed with water, clay, and earth pigments to form a nice and thick, eco-friendly paint.

    The only caveat of choosing Natural paints is that they are rarely tough enough for outdoor use, so the variety of eco- friendly outdoor paints is not nearly as extensive as indoor paints. For those of you who are truly determined and dedicated to finding a completely natural exterior coating to use, your options are generally going to be limited to stain, finish, or lime wash.

    If you are agreeable to looking into environmentally friendly low-VOC paints, You may want to keep an eye out for the following brands either on the internet or even on store shelves:

    • BioShield Paint
    • Safecoat
    • YOLO Colorhouse

    Choosing the environment over your wallet will have you breathing freely in your newly painted house. Take the time and do a little research and find the commercial painter that will tend to your eco-friendly needs and wants. Going green for the environment just shows how much you truly care for yourself and the environment.

  • Environmentally Friendly Practices For Business Owners


    Nowadays, it is not enough for business owners to simply work for the productivity and profitability of their business. They also have to ensure that their activities result in as little harm to the environment as possible. More preferably, business owners should implement measures that can help offset the negative effects of commerce and industry on the environment.

    There are a number of things that business owners can do in the way of environmentally friendly practices. One of the simplest ways is by implementing more efficient workflows and processes. By ensuring a higher degree of efficiency among its employees, company owners can reduce their utilities consumption and reliance on fossil fuel sources. This can have a considerable effect on a company’s finances, even as they work to make for a more environmentally friendly workplace.

    Business owners could also foster a more environmentally conscious atmosphere in the workplace among company personnel. By educating their employees in methods for reducing the consumption of resources and minimizing wastage, company owners will not only save a considerable amount of money over the years but help protect the environment as well.

    Another way for business owners to help the environment is by exploring more environmentally friendly alternatives to commonly used materials and routine processes. This can have a significantly beneficial effect on most any company, but particularly those involved in manufacturing and retail. These areas of industry stand to benefit especially from environmentally friendly practices, because of their traditionally high reliance on materials and resources.

    In most cases, substitute materials are also less costly options than commonly used materials. This adds further financial benefits to the company, while still ensuring more environmentally favorable operations. By opting for more environmentally friendly alternatives to commonly used materials, business owners can therefore do some good to both the company finances and to the environment.

    Implementing environmentally friendly practices in the workplace is not only the most conscientious approach, but it is often the more cost-effective option as well. For business owners looking to maintain the profitability and viability of their company, implementing environmentally friendly practices is an essential step that will pay off in many ways over the years.

  • How To Effectively Utilize Your Green Energy

    energy efficient

    For example, Green Energy BC is a single resource for all you need to know about energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. While it makes sense to change from traditional light bulbs to energy-saving light bulbs you should wait until your old ones are all burned out. It is not a good idea to throw away perfectly good bulbs in order to make the switch since that would be a way to waste energy as well.

    Use window treatments to shade the inside of your home when you aren’t home. This keeps your house cool and your energy costs down when you’re not there. Generally, the south-facing windows get the most sun because of their position. Thermally insulated black-out curtains are the best option, but blinds and shades can also work.

    Green living is not only about buying the right products, but it is about saving on energy when ever possible. When you are not in the room, take the time to turn off your ceiling fans to conserve energy and not waste power. If you are not in the room, there is no need to have the fan on.

    Support your local green energy providers by purchasing energy from them. You can check online to see if any of your local energy providers sell wind, hydro, or solar energy. By switching from the standard energy, you will send a message to your provider; you prefer cleaner energy. You will also be support the development of green energy in your area.

    Use solar hot water. By installing a solar hot water system, you can use solar power to heat the water you use for everything in your home. It will work for your showers, washing dishes and doing laundry. If you are worried about not getting enough sun, you can invest in a small, traditional water heater as well.

    Save energy, and your hard-earned dollars, by only using your washing machine and dishwasher when you have a full load. A small load uses just as much energy as a full load and accomplishes a lot less for the energy expenditure. Let laundry stack up another day or two in order to maximize savings and efficiency. Also consider drying clothes outdoors on a clothesline if allowed in your area. The fresh outdoorsy scent can’t be beat, and you will show a significant savings in your utility bill if you cut back on your dryer usage.

    Pay attention to the thermostat in your home. Installing a programmable thermostat makes it easier for you to track the temperature in your house, and turn the heat down when you aren’t at home. Between 1 and 3 percent of your energy costs can be cut for each degree you turn it down!

    By changing your life at home, you’ll find that it has a greater impact on the world. If every person made the changes listed in this article, imagine how great the world could be! It’s important that you take your first steps towards being more green, so that everyone can benefit from the change.

  • Impacts Of Highly Efficient Air Conditioners On The Environment

    Your air conditioner and environment don’t always complement each other, especially because of this appliance’s high energy needs to cool a home. In recent years, modern technology has improved the standard AC unit, making it smaller, more efficient and quieter than ever before. There are several critical impacts made to the environment by highly efficient air conditioners. Upgrading an older unit improves your monthly costs and helps the environment too.

    Air conditioners cost U.S. homeowners more than $11 billion each year, and regular maintenance can keep your air conditioner running efficiently. Roughly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air each year. More details here and some advises from www.energystar.gov

    How a high efficiency furnace works

    Reduced Fossil Fuel Emissions
    Most air conditioners run off electrical power generated by a local grid. Electrical companies, in turn, generate electricity by burning fossil fuels, or oil. When you match a highly efficient air conditioner and environment together, you see less fossil fuel use. With reduced fuel burning, emissions aren’t released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and pollution. As a result, you have an AC unit that cools efficiently while preserving natural resources.

    Ozone Protection
    In the past, common air conditioner coolant was CFC, or chlorofluorocarbon, based liquid. However, this chemical was found to be harmful to the ozone layer. This atmospheric layer provides the Earth with a protective barrier against excessive ultraviolet rays. With highly efficient air conditioners, they use HFCs, or hydrofluorocarbons, or even newer chemical mixtures to create efficient heating and cooling transfer without damaging the environment. If your air conditioner is several decades old, it’s best to replace it for environmental reasons alone.

    Slow Shift To Solar Power
    Running any appliance on solar power used to be inefficient because of the high cost of solar panels and incompatibility with air conditioner technology. However, air conditioners are now slowly being outfitted with components that are efficiently charged and powered by solar instrumentation. With many people converting to solar energy through government incentives, this power option is saving the environment from excess fossil fuel burning while harnessing free fuel from sunlight.

    Reduced Noise Pollution
    Another way highly efficient air conditioners are impacting the environment is through reduced noise pollution. When an outdoor AC unit activates, older models can have an amazingly loud hum. Birds and other animals, that are otherwise native to the area, may look for other regions to live. With highly efficient units, the outdoor unit is relatively quiet, allowing nature to live harmoniously with people. Preserving the natural environment keeps a balance between flora and fauna.

    When you combine modern AC units with the environment, you discover that money savings are plentiful along with helping the Earth’s health. Consider an environmentally friendly AC unit when you are in the market for efficient home cooling.